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Dr Mallikarjuna Reddy is one among the Best Pediatric Urologists in Hyderabad with over 30+ years of experience. Dr. Mallikarjuna Reddy is a highly experienced urologist and one of Hyderabad’s best robotic surgeons. He is currently associated with Citizens Specialty Hospital, Hyderabad, as a Senior Consultant in Urology. Dr Mallikarjuna has over thirty years of experience treating a wide range of urology disorders.

He is a skilled robotic surgeon who has experience conducting adult and pediatric surgeries. He is also well versed in robotic-assisted kidney transplants and an expert in advanced laparoscopic surgeries. Recognized as one of the top urologists in Hyderabad, Dr Mallikarjuna is experienced in robotic surgery pediatric tumors.

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We offer comprehensive medical & surgical treatments for a vast range of Urology Conditions under one roof.

Reconstructive Urology Care

Laparoscopic and reconstructive urology is a surgery that restores normal function by repairing, rerouting, or recreating portions of the urinary tract. Patients may need reconstructive urology due to injury, birth defect, medical condition, or complication from previous treatment. Practising in one of the nation’s leading medical and research facilities, our urologists are respected as world leaders in reconstructive laparoscopy urology (the use of minimally invasive techniques). Laparoscopic and reconstructive surgeons were among the first practitioners using robotic technology – specifically the Da Vinci Surgical Robot, which has made it possible for them to operate with increased precision via robotics. Dr. Mallikarjuna Reddy is one of the best urologists in India and performs a variety of reconstructive surgeries. He specializes in treatments of ureteric strictures (urologic disorder), UTIs (urinary tract infections), VURs (vesicoureteral reflux) and pediatric urology issues such as obstructive megaureters or hypospadias.


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  • He saved my son from severe infection in testicles. Thanks to Dr Mallikarjuna Reddy

    Sudha Rani

    House Wife
  • Dr Mallikarjuna Reddy Helped my baby recover from UTI Problem.

    Kiran Kumar

  • Best Pediatric Urologist for Children Urology problems.

    Sarath Sarma

  • Dr Mallikarjuna Reddy treated my Baby. Very Experienced Surgeon.

    Anu Radha

    House Wife
  • Recently my baby treated by dr mallikarjuna reddy for bedwetting. Doctor treats your baby with patience and listens to all your concerns. highly recommended doctor for all kind of pediatric urology problems.

    P. Priyanka Shetty

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  • Dr Mallikarjuna Reddy is one of the Best Pediatric Urologist in Hyderabad with loads of experience. Thanks to Dr Mallikarjuna Reddy sir for the treatment.

    D. Arun Kumar

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